• Dungeon Crawler Web Version

    So I’ve built a web version. Its a bit slower than the native version but hey its playable Web Version of Dungeon Crawler Dungeon Crawl by skryking -- Skryking

  • Dungeon Crawler Devlog episode 3

    This version was all about internal changes.  Because I had built it so fast I had painted myself into some corners that needed be undone.  My data structures where getting huge so really needed a lot of rework.  Here is the change log. Added animation for leveling up  Added module to...

  • Dungeon Crawler Devlog episode 2

    Lots of changes this time. Added the Cow Imp per my son.  Its a slightly tougher and oddly colored imp.  Fading to black between levels...nice transitionFading to red on death. I've been wanting a better transition between levels and such and this is it.Fixed bug that crashed the game if zoomed...

  • Dungeon Crawler Devlog episode 1

    My first development blog entry.  I'm not very good at blogging so here goes.  These are the things I have done in this release. Let me know what features you would like to see added or changed. I've included  a short list of items that I have already come up with...

  • Starting game development

    So I stumbled on Dragon Ruby and started tinkering with it. Ended up Joining the the 7DRL Challenge and working on Dungeon Crawler. Its been a blast so far and I’ve got so many ideas going on.