• Lunch Bike Ride

    My lunch bike ride today. Wind was nice and low and temperature was great. I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Script to update my desktop Ubuntu system

    Just a stupidly simple script that I use to update my development workstation at home. This would probably also work on a server as well as all it does is update its repo, list the upgradable packages and ask if you want ot upgrade them. #!/usr/bin/env bash sudo apt update...

  • Middle School Crud

    Well, its that time of year again. The kids went back to school two weeks ago, and now I have caught the middle school crud. I swear those places are just Petri dishes of disease. Every single year I seem to catch it, and every single year I struggle to...

  • Added Tags to the site

    I’ve added Tags to the site so that its easier to find stuff.

  • Ride around Herrick Lake

    Wow was it hot today on my ride. I went around Herrick lake and back to the lab. I somehow managed to crash the wahoo app part of the way back so I lost all of the heart rate and cadence data for the ride. Thankfully I was able to...