Obsessions With Riding My Bike

Tags: Cycling

I’m not sure what got me going with wanting to ride my bike. Back in May, I was at the cottage on Memorial Day and had just climbed the stairs from the lake. I was breathing hard and tired. I decided I needed to find a way to get in shape. I can’t run due to my lower back issues. Swimming isn’t convenient for daily activity as the pool isn’t nearby. Walking doesn’t get my heart going, so I started looking into biking. I did some research online which helped get me interested. I rode my old mountain bike a couple of times, but it doesn’t do so well on the road, and it was too small for me. I did some looking online and decided to go to the local bike shop (Sumbaum) and explained to the sales guy what I was after. At the time, I would ride a couple of times a week and ride more with my children. I ended up getting a Trek Verve 1 Disc, and my obsession began. Starting I could only do about 30 minutes at a time and maybe get 5 miles. My biggest issue, other than being really out of shape was that my ass was hurting a lot. Back to the internet and more research and I decided I needed some padded cycling shorts. That seemed to have resolved that problem. Next was needed glasses as getting bugs in the eyes while riding seemed terrible. I bought some prescription cycling glasses from GlassesUSA. I like them and will end up ordering another pair for next year. I’ve been slowing ramping up my time and distance over the last three months. Yesterday I road for an hour and 40 minutes and went 22 miles. That seems like a good advance. I’ve also joined the Joliet Bicycling club, which gives me people to ride with when I don’t feel like going solo. My only issue now is finding the right times to get out and get a ride. I’ll put out more thoughts as I think of them.