Dungeon Crawler Devlog episode 1

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My first development blog entry.  I'm not very good at blogging so here goes.  These are the things I have done in this release. Let me know what features you would like to see added or changed. I've included  a short list of items that I have already come up with that I will be implementing.


  • Imps - New monster at level 1.  This creature flies so no running once contact is made. It's basically as strong as the goblin at this point so not too difficult to kill.  Its the first example of an animated monster.  I'm still tweaking the frame speed for my liking.  Thanks goes out to Shandor on the Dragon Ruby discord server for letting me have the awesome sprite sheet that he drew.
  • Animated Monsters - See the note above about the imp.  I now have the ability to animate the monsters so will be working on them as I replace the Open Game Art ones that I'm currently using for the goblin and kobold.
  • Variable Speed Monsters - Monsters now can move a different speeds which will allow you to flee from them if you get in trouble.  Examples: the goblin now moves at 1 tile every other turn.  The Imp moves at 1 tile per turn.  so you can get away from one and not the other.


  • Changed the way I calculate the render distance from the player so now I only render the tiles that are visible and within the view window instead of rendering the whole dungeon that has been seen.  This has greatly improved the stability of the frame rate and stops it slowing down as more and more of the dungeon is revealed.

Future Ideas

  • Hidden Traps
  • Hidden Doors
  • Ranged Weapons
  • Wieldable Weapons
  • Wearable Armor
  • Magic

-- Skryking