Dungeon Crawler Devlog episode 2

Tags: Gaming, Development, DragonRuby, Dungeon_Crawler

Lots of changes this time.

  • Added the Cow Imp per my son.  Its a slightly tougher and oddly colored imp.  
  • Fading to black between levels...nice transition
  • Fading to red on death. I've been wanting a better transition between levels and such and this is it.
  • Fixed bug that crashed the game if zoomed out too far.
  • Added blob monster, he still needs a bit of work.
  • Added centaur at level 2
  • Added bouncing ball monster at level 1

I'm watching a lot of tutorials on youtube about how to do pixel art.  I'm still pretty poor at it I think but at least I can say that all of the new ones are mine and not stock art.  

For the future I'm currently working on a system for being able to find new weapons and armor.  I would like to add ranged weapons and some form of magic as well.  I also must get the save game working which currently doesn't.

-- Skryking