• Added Tags to the site

    I’ve added Tags to the site so that its easier to find stuff.

  • Ride around Herrick Lake

    Wow was it hot today on my ride. I went around Herrick lake and back to the lab. I somehow managed to crash the wahoo app part of the way back so I lost all of the heart rate and cadence data for the ride. Thankfully I was able to...

  • Moved Site To Netlify

    I’ve moved the site over to using Netlify. It should be fairly seamless but if anyone sees any issues please let me know.

  • Wet Ride Today

    The ride today was a bit on the wet side, but it felt good to get out on the road anyway.

  • Exploring VSCode

    I’ve started tinkering with VSCode. So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing. It may have a future in my development pipeline. I expect it will need a lot of customization to get it going.