• Bike Ride

    I took a ride around the Fox River today. The wind was brutal out of the northwest. I stopped to help an older gentleman fix his bike. I’m not sure how he bent his rear derailleur.

  • Obsessions With Riding My Bike

    I’m not sure what got me going with wanting to ride my bike. Back in May, I was at the cottage on Memorial Day and had just climbed the stairs from the lake. I was breathing hard and tired. I decided I needed to find a way to get in...

  • Bike Ride

    Today was beautiful, no wind, no clouds, not hot or humid. I decided to go to Manooka and back from the house. There’s not much else I can say about it.

  • Trying to simplify my life.

    I’ve realized over the last several weeks that my life has been going on overdrive. I’ve even managed to catch a cold and am struggling to fight it off. As part of this, I have shut down my Rails development site website and have simplified this place. It’s still a...

  • Lunch Bike Ride

    I took a longer ride today going down the Fox River and caught the prairie trail in North Aurora. I hadn’t been on this route before. The ride down the Fox River Trail was great. The prairie trail from the Fox River to the trail junction at I-88 wasn’t near...